Photography saved my life.

When I was 19 years old my mother died from liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholism.  After she died, I took a semester off from college where my major was creative writing.  Having nothing to do day-to-day I was getting more and more depressed; it was then that photography came into my life. My therapist gave me her old 35mm camera, a Canon AE1,  and said, “go buy a book about photography and make this your escape.”

I had many sleepless nights, so I would grab my camera and a few rolls of film at 2am and just walk around taking photos. I channeled my creativity and my love of numbers into my photographs.  When I returned to college, it was natural to major in film production and minor in photography.

Over the last 21 years, I have used light and shadow to steer the viewer's eyes around the photograph.  I am a very direct person, so my photographs are too.  You’ll know exactly what I want you to see immediately.

As someone speaks their vision I’m instantly interpreting it, adding my creativity to the equation.  My photography will take people straight to the point and highlight the key elements of the photograph.